Solo exhibition im schaufenster "Versammelstelle" in Hamburg 2022
Solo exhibition "Allegory"of three film-metaphors at the Kyiv film festival "NaibudeKino" from the cultural group "CosmosCamp" 2022

Annual Show HFBK Hamburg (08.02.24 - 11.02.24)
Group exhibition "Hybrid Peace" Mom Art Space in Hamburg (21.02.24 - 25.02.24)
Group exhibition "Observations on the Memory of the Present" in Galerie 21 im Vorwerk-Stift in Hamburg (2023)
Group exhibition "Are you here with us?" by the Antiwarcoalition.art in frames of Dutch Media Week and REMIX Fest at Hilversum, the Netherlands (2023)
Group exhibition "Suit/Case" Kunstraum Tangente in Vasenthien, Germany 2023
Group exhibition "Hybrid war" Mom Art Space in Hamburg 2023
Group exhibition "Baby better have my menstruation. I ain’t no museum" Kunsthaus Graz 2023
Group exhibition "No peace is also no solution" TEARAPART Gallery in Hamburg 2023
Group exhibition "Re: Feb. 24/UKR" WESTWERK in Hamburg 2023
Group exhibition Annual Show HFBK Hamburg 2023
Group exhibition "LADYLAND" Kanister in Hamburg 2023
Group exhibition "Sense of war" Frappant Galerie in Hamburg 2023
Group virtual exhibition "Aggression explodes in silence" Art Space Kolo (https://readymag.com/u2513350486/4133852/) 2022
Group exhibition "Rapid Rabbit Reloaded" Frappant Galerie in Hamburg 2022
Group exhibition "All this justifies thinking of..." Mom Art Space in Hamburg 2022
Group exhibition im schaufenster "Versammelstelle" in Hamburg 2022
Group exhibition "Contraspemspero" in HFBK Hamburg (http://contraspemspero.com/) 2022
Group exhibition "Without Restrictions" in Kunstraum "Tangente" in Wendland 2022

Film festivals:
39th Kassel Documentary Film and Video Festival 2022 (Kassel, Germany)
"Svoiimy Slovamy" ("Своїми Словами") 2022 (Kyiv, Ukraine)
La Guarimba Film Festival 2022 (Amantea, Italy)
Mediawave Film Festival Competition 2022 (Győr, Hungary)
McGuffin Film Festival 2022 
SUPP indie online platform 2022
"NaibudeKino" by the cultural group "CosmosCamp" 2022 (Kyiv, Ukraine)
XII Muestra Audiovisual "Cortos de la polis Joven" 2021 (Costa Rica)
Lift-Off Global Network Limited 2021 (England)
National Short Film Festival 2021 (Washington, D.C.)
AFTERLIFE Film Festival 2021 (Johannesburg, South Africa)

Film screenings:
"Solidarity Screenings: Moving Image and War in Ukraine” by Kyiv Biennial in Amsterdam, Prague, Riga, Malmo, Bratislava, Vienna 2022-Present (https://2023.kyivbiennial.org/)
Ukrainian Kinomood Festival by KINOCLUB in Hamburg 2023 (www.kinoclub-hh-ua.de)
Film screening Alisa Sizykh and Daria Penkova im schaufenster "Versammelstelle" in Hamburg 2022
Film screening Alisa Sizykh and Daria Penkova in Theater Magdeburg 2022
Solo screening of first short film "Awakening" in Kharkiv 2020

Art Camp Vasenthien with JANUN e.V & TANGENTE (27.07.2023 - 07.08.2023) Germany
Film residency "CINEMAMBULANTE – KINO GUARIMBA" (10.09.22 - 22.09.22) by La Guarimba Film Festival in Calabria, Southern Italy
Art residence "UKRAINE: LEBEN, LIEBE, KRIEG UND FREIHEIT" (01.08.2022 - 31.08.2022) by "Ukrainian days in Hamburg" in Hamburg (https://udays.org/artresidence)
Art Camp Vasenthien with JANUN e.V & TANGENTE (22.07.22 - 02.08.22) Germany

Art collectives:
One of the founder and member of KINOCLUB, which is an open community of independent film between Germans +Ukrainians in Hamburg. (https://www.instagram.com/kinoclub.hh.ua/) 2022 - Present
Member of Art Camp Vasenthien, which is a small residence - an association of different artists fromUkraine, Belarus, Serbia and Germany. (https://linktr.ee/kunstcamp) 2022 - Present
Workshops for Ukrainian children in Hamburg by Artworkshop.hh (https://www.instagram.com/artworkshop.hh/) Present
Film workshop "Cinema without Racism" as part of the Ver-bilden Workshop by verSAMMELstelle. (https://www.instagram.com/p/CvZlPHmsPnt/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link&igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA==) 2023